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Honey Bear 
Learning Center 
Swartz Creek, Flint, MI & Surrounding Areas


Honey Bear Child Care & Learning Center is located in Swartz Creek, Michigan has been serving the area with child care services and day care since 1985. We truly care for each and every child under our care, whether it be for just one day or as in most cases for years to come. Our dedicated staff is well trained in the art of early education and we promise to give your child the nurturing, helpful, and very important guidance they deserve. We have 7 different classrooms located in 3 different buildings. The classrooms are divided into Infants (2 weeks old to about 1 and a half years old), Toddlers (1 year old to 2 years old), Terrific Two's (2 years old to 3 years old), Preschool (3 years to 4 years), Pre-Kindergarten (4 years until they start school), Great Start Readiness Program (all 4 years old), Young 5's (4 and 5 year old's that are not yet in school), and School-Age (we have summer programs and a latch key program). In each and every room we are dedicated to helping your child learn through their own interests and guiding them in their development every step of the way. We have implemented the Highscope Curriculum in each of our classrooms. Our supportive and caring staff facilitates a daily routine of activities such as circle time, music programs, painting, reading, free play, dancing, and art. We will teach your child proper social skills, good behavior, how to follow directions and responsibility just to name a few. The meals and snacks we provide each day are delicious and nutritious in order to keep your little one healthy and on the go. If your looking for a place to teach your child and prepare them not just for school but for the long future they have ahead of them look no further.

 We provide child care services to Swartz Creek, Flint and all surrounding areas!

day care Swartz Creek, MI

We offer classes for infants, toddlers, preschool, pre-kindergarten, as well as school-age children. Our programs are offered in either full or half-day sessions, depending on your preference. But we are here for you and are more than willing to work with you and your schedule.

learning center Swartz Creek, MI

See for yourself the fun and exciting events we hold for your children. Our team works hard to make each and every day special and unique for your little learner. Please feel free to stop in any day anytime during business hours and check out what we are all about.

child care Flint, MI

Allowing your child to learn, develop and grow, is one of the most precious gifts you can give them. Give us a call today to start preparing your child for their future and give them a head start to what life has in store for them. Give us a call today and let us begin this journey with you!


Best Playground & Child Care Center in Genesee County!!!!

The caring and loving professionals at Honey Bear Child Care & Learning Center passionately believe that the key to a quality day care center is allowing children to play and interact with other children. Our multi-age classrooms are conducive for promoting social interactions and free-choice play. To ensure that each child gets ample playtime, we have two playgrounds that are perfect for exploring, learning, and exercise. Whether you are in Flint, Swartz Creek, or anywhere else in the Genesee County area, our learning center will provide your children with constructive learning experiences. Our staff are friendly and all extremely well trained with years of experience in the childcare sector. If you want to take a look around, feel free to stop by our learning center located at 5171 Linden Rd in Swartz Creek. We would be happy to show you around!

We are sure your child or children will enjoy playing and learning with us! 
Call today at 810-207-5933 for more information about our child care center. 

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