child care Flint, MI
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Our Cubhouse

Our Cubhouse

Child Care in Flint, MI

Our Cubhouse was started in 2003 and has three different classrooms. Here we have classrooms for our infants, toddlers and for our Great Start Readiness Program!!!

We also provide two separate playground settings to ensure your child receives an optimal playtime experience while with us. Our center has a "natural playground" that consists of a beach area, tree swings, a jungle gym, wooden play houses, a basketball court, and all of the materials your child will need to learn in the outdoors. 

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The second playground, our "commercial playground," has plenty of scooters and cars for your child to safely drive around our track, which goes around our 15-foot long sandbox which is covered by a big pavilion. It also contains play houses, lots of swings, slides, and more! 

Our Day Care Programs

Our preschool program is designed to help prepare children for Kindergarten. Some of the skills they will learn include healthy play with other children, how to do things on their own, basic gross & motor skills, and much more. Children are free to explore our center with the supervision of our trained teachers, and we make sure to foster creativity and growth in each and every child. 

Our infants’ schedule is “what they want, when they want it!” Our days are filled with music, hugs and laughter. Formula, cereal and beginner foods are supplied. If your child has any dietary restrictions just inform our staff, provide the necessary meals for him or her, and we will make sure they are taken care of in the way you see fit. 

Our toddlers’ schedule includes music, reading, circle time, art/activities time and outdoor play. Our little ones learn and play in a fun, loving, and safe atmosphere. We provide a healthy structure for kids during this critical age so that they can learn to play well with others by sharing and caring for their fellow classmates. 

Great Start Readiness Program
This program has been designated by our government to help children whom are 4 years old and meet the proper income level requirements. It includes a lot of structure, with a daily routine that is followed and designed to prepare these children for kindergarten. Class begins at 8:30am and ends at 3:30pm, and if you need care to be provided before or after class Honey Bear offers a wrap around care program, so there is no need to worry. Class time is filled with daily activities and projects, music and dance, story/reading time, and outdoor play among other things. There is also a huge outdoor playground for basketball, soccer, a jungle gym, water slides, a couple mini houses and a large sand pile with plenty of toys.

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