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Our School

Our School

Learning Center in Flint, MI & Swartz Creek, MI

Our preschool program is designed for kindergarten readiness, with a “learn through play” philosophy. Studies have shown that children learn best with hands on materials and active engagement with others. Children have daily music, singing and dancing included as part of their activities. Group time, story time, activities and games are also part of each child's daily activities. During group time every child is given opportunities to sing and/or tell a story. We also have art, housekeeping and office areas that are open at all times to encourage imaginative play. It is our goal to teach each child to be responsible for him or herself and for the choices they make while still learning social skills as they play with others. Children are encouraged to actively explore the different areas of our classroom while being taught responsibility by being required to return things to their proper place.

learning center Flint, MI

Our Learning Center School Basics

It’s different for each child, depending on their age and interests, but it is essential for all children. A toddler will learn by watching as well as interacting with the other children. We have the children singing, dancing, painting and exploring the environment around them. We learn to socialize, share and follow directions. Our rules are simple; we do not do anything that could hurt us or a friend. Our goal is happy and healthy days for all!

ABC's and 123's
Using the Highscope Curriculum and a structured daily routine we teach children to work and play with letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and more on a daily basis. By following the child's interests and then building on these interests, while also providing them with other stimuli that will engage them, they will be able to reach their highest level of developmental success. Continual use of these items will make reading and writing come naturally to children. Most importantly, children will WANT to participate in these activities, because we make them FUN.

Social Skills
A very important part of our curriculum is to teach each child to be neither aggressors nor victims of aggression, but assertive and non-violent problem-solvers. We will give children the language skills and the confidence to stand up to peer aggressors while teaching them respect for others and their classmates. When a child refuses to stand up to their peers, they tend to become victims and also reinforce the aggressor with their submissive behavior. Most of our activities are done in groups and conducted in a manner that will teach children to work together and have fun with their peers. Teaching children how to be a “friend” is a priceless skill that will bring them lifelong happiness.

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